One Source Payroll

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One Source Payroll  provides members a 15% discount for customized solutions for Payroll, Human Resource, Benefits and Time & Attendance software fees for administration outsourcing for businesses of all sizes, and a one-time 50% discount for core payroll set up fees.  

There's more to managing a payroll than writing checks and handing them out to employees on time.  You need to keep accurate records, calculate and pay payroll taxes, and communicate effectively  with employees. Many business owners are finding that they can simplify the process by using an outsourced payroll provider to manage the entire process cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Using an outsourced payroll solution is typically more efficient for a business than processing payroll internally. Leaving payroll to experts frees up hours that you can devote to other important parts of your business. Whether it is your time, staff time, or a combination, chances are the hours could be better spent wining more business, improving customer service, fine-tuning business operations or launching a new product line.