Membership Committee

The Membership Committee oversees membership retention and recruitment to ensure the association's stability and growth. They do so by evaluating membership benefits and resources to enhance and increase member engagement on an ongoing basis by reaching out to current and prospective members to communicate the value proposition of membership; contacting inactive and canceled members on behalf of the association to encourage them to renew; staffing the membership booth at the Annual Convention & Expo.

Chair: Mohamad Momin

Education Committee

The Education Committee reviews, approves, and evaluates the ongoing education of the Association. They do so by establishing directions and priorities for the PIA Texas' continuing education and accreditation programs, including content and speaker selection; providing input on specific activities, practices, policies, and procedures related to the Annual Convention & Expo; serving as an active support participant at programs and communications conduit between participants and the Association.

Chair: Deedre Payne

Nominating Committee

Identify & recommend new agents to serve on the State Board. Identify & recommend agents to serve at the National level. Build a pool of talent that can assist in executing the various committees’ ongoing goals and objectives. Accept nominations from voting members to be presented for consideration before the annual election meeting.

Chair: Dale Moon

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors chaired by the Board Treasurer. It is responsible for reviewing and guiding the organization’s financial matters. Specifically, the committee ensures internal controls, independent audits, and financial analysis.

Chair: Dale Moon

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee reviews the current Bylaws to determine if changes are needed due to practice or good governance and to prepare appropriate amendments for action by the PIA Texas Membership.

Chair: Nohora Cifuentes

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee develops and evaluates the annual awards program, recognizing outstanding contributions to and impacts on the organization's mission. They do so by reviewing suggestions for new awards, developing the criteria for each award, facilitating, and overseeing the voting policies and procedures, and planning the presentation ceremony for the awards program.

Chair: Debbie Moses-Dziga

YIPs Committee

Support building tomorrow’s insurance leaders today. Help offers those new to the industry opportunities to advance their careers, build industry contacts, experience superior education, develop professional and leadership skills, and stay apprised of industry news. Membership serves a broad range of industry professionals—seasoned and new—including producers or marketers, administrative assistants, CSRs, or agency principals.

Chair: Mohamad Momin

Government Relations Committee

The purpose of the Governmental Relations Committee is to maintain a current awareness of all pending and proposed insurance legislation or regulation in the state and further the interest of professional insurance agents and small businesses on behalf of the PIA of Texas membership.

Chair: Tim Thompson

Would you like to volunteer to sit on a committee?  For questions or more information, call (972) 862-3333 or email [email protected].


  • Educate themselves on the purpose of their committee.
  • Attend committee meetings and participate.
  • Offer facts, opinions, and suggestions to the committee.
  • Make recommendations on projects for the committee.
  • See that goals are completed successfully.
  • Gain skills to assist in their responsibilities.
  • Are willing to compromise.